Dental Plans for Seniors

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, deserves access to exceptional dental care and the confidence that comes with a healthy smile. Our comprehensive dental insurance plans ensure you receive the coverage you need for a range of dental services. Let us help you to prioritize your oral health -  without worrying about the financial burden. We'll take care of the paperwork and complexities while you focus on enjoying the benefits of a beautiful and vibrant smile. 

Why Americans close to retirement should make dental care a priority:

Mitigate common dental issues

Certain problems can become more common as you age, such as gum disease, dry mouth and oral cancer. The good news? Your dentist can detect these common dental diseases during a routine oral exam, as well as more than 120 symptoms of non-dental diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Maintain good overall health

Maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental care not only promotes a healthy smile but also supports overall well-being and lowers the risk of certain systemic health issues. It's no surprise that recognizing and prioritizing oral health is an important part of maintaining overall health and quality of life.

Avoid unforseen expenses

According to The 2023 State of America's Oral Health and Wellness Report, 85% of American adults say having dental insurance helps them save money in the long run. Additionally, all Delta Dental of Kentucky plans cover preventive benefits such as cleanings and x-rays at 100% - so you can get the care you need without unexpected expenses.

Advantages of Delta Dental plans for Medicare enrollees

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    No enrollment fees, waiting periods or age limitations
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    Individual, couple or family enrollment options: couples can join as one enrollee +1 contract instead of two single contracts
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    Benefits and annual maximums increase after first year - or advance to year 2 benefits with 12 previous months of coverage
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    100% in-network coverage for twice a year cleanings
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    Whitening services with Bright plan
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    Orthodontics for any age with Bright plan
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    Implant coverage with Perfect & Bright plans

Dental plans for individuals, families & retirees

Whether you regularly receive your 2 cleanings or have an unexpected dental emergency, investing in a plan with Delta Dental will always save you money. Visiting a Delta Dental dentist provides network discounts that result in lower out-of-pocket costs.

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