Dental benefits designed for every stage of life.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your smile and oral health. Protecting your smile and keeping up with good oral health habits has a direct impact on your overall health. Delta Dental of Kentucky offers individual and family dental plan options designed for every stage of your smile. Invest in your smile today and let Delta Dental keep you healthy.

Great coverage, affordable care.

Delta Dental of Kentucky offers affordable dental plans that will save you money.

Whether you regularly receive your two cleanings or have an unexpected dental emergency, investing in a plan with Delta Dental will always save you money. Visiting a Delta Dental dentist provides network discounts that result in lower out-of-pocket costs.

Example of how dental benefits work

The below example for a composite filling shows how members with minor services covered at 80% save on out-of-pocket costs by staying in-network.*

in-network vs out of network cost comparison

Experience the Delta Dental Difference®

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    No enrollment fees or waiting periods

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    Benefits and annual maximums increase after first year

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    Cost estimator and appointment scheduling through the Delta Dental mobile app

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    Easy online enrollment

You may qualify to advance to Year 2 benefit level with proof of dental coverage for last 12 months and lapse of less than 60 days from termination of prior coverage.

Call 800-955-2030 to learn more or provide proof of coverage.

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You will be redirected to our enrollment website to complete your enrollment. Please call 800-955-2030 or email with questions.

Members can access their benefits 24/7 with the online Member Portal.

Members can access their benefits online at any time. They can view their plan, access ID cards, review claims, check eligibility and more!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Covered services vary depending on plan selection. However, preventive and diagnostic services such as cleanings, x-rays, and exams are 100% covered on all Delta Dental of Kentucky dental plans.

  • No enrollment fees or waiting periods
  • Benefits and annual maximums increase after first year
  • 100% in-network coverage for twice a year cleanings on all plans
  • Whitening services with Bright plans
  • Orthodontics for any age with Bright & Radiant plan
  • Implant coverage with Perfect, Bright & Vibrant plans

Delta Dental of Kentucky has the largest network in Kentucky with 90% of participating providers, so chances are your dentist is already in our network! To search for in-network dentists, use our Find a Dentist tool.

Delta Dental of Kentucky's Bright Smiles plan covers orthodontics with no age limit. View our plan options for more details.

Choosing a dental plan can be tricky because each person's needs are different. To pick the right plan, think about what services you and your family might need and how much money you can spend. Look at things like how much the plan will pay for in a year and what kind of services you require. This will help make sure you get the right care for your family.

An annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount your dental insurance will pay toward the cost of dental services and/or treatment in a benefit plan year, typically a 12-month period. Each time a dental claim is submitted, Delta Dental subtracts the cost that has been paid for the service from your maximum. Your annual maximum applies only to the portion your dental insurance plan pays on your behalf. Any deductibles or co-pays that you pay do not count towards your annual maximum.

With our Delta Dental Individual and Family plans, you get the dental and vision benefits you need with affordable price options.

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All our plans provide access to the largest dental network in the nation. Our networks provide network savings - even after annual maximums have been met.

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Use our online Dentist Search to find a dentist that is convenient to your home or work. You have lots of choices with the nation's largest provider network!

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