65% of Kentucky dentists participate in this network and more than 112,000 unique dentists nationally. These dentists offer the lowest fees and belong to Kentucky's largest PPO network.

89% of Kentucky dentists participate in this network and more than 153,000 unique dentists nationally. These dentists offer reduced fees, just not as low as PPO fees.

Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® networks

Delta Dental offers two networks - providing you with deep discounts and access to the most dentists. Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® networks save you money and prevents balance billing (participating dentists cannot charge a difference to the patient between the Delta Dental approved fee and submitted fee).  Delta Dental network dentists cannot unbundle services and fees, or charge for any service not agreed to in the Delta Dental contract.

Members only pay deductibles, coinsurance and non-covered services when services are provided by network dentists. Claims are submitted by participating dentists.


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The Delta Dental Difference®

Local Service

Kentucky dentists are credentialed by our local representatives and familiar with our local customer service teams.

No Balance Billing

Delta Dental PPO & Premier dentists agree to a maximum approved fee. If their fee is more, they cannot pass the remaining balance to you.

Claims Processing

Dentists file claims on your behalf. Payments go directly to the dentist so there is no extra work for you or your family!

How do I pick a dental plan that will save me money?

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    Examine your oral health and dental needs: Is your mouth generally healthy, or are you overdue for a check-up or dental work?

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    Assess your budget: Do you have savings or a financial plan for unexpected dental work?

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    Choose an in-network dentist if possible: Dentists in the PPO or Premier networks will save you the most money.

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    Review your current dental plan: If you have had dental coverage for the previous 12 months with any carrier, you can graduate to a Year 3 or 4 benefit level by providing your proof of insurance to us.

The Delta Dental Difference