At Delta Dental of Kentucky, we strive to provide superior Customer Service. It is important to us to answer every inquiry quickly, professionally, and accurately.


I did not receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement for a recent dental office visit. How can I view/print my Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements? 
Delta Dental of Kentucky does not mail EOB statements for services covered at 100% and for which the patient owes nothing. These statements, however, are available to view and print on our secure Consumer Toolkit. Once you have logged into the Consumer Toolkit, click on Claim Info. Enter the date of service in the Start Date field, or enter a date range using Start Date and End Date. Click on the Claim Number for the EOB you wish to view. You also can click on the Procedure Code number for a definition of the service provided. To print EOB statements, click on the printer icon in your browser toolbar or select File then Print.


Do you offer individual coverage? 
A dental plan is available to individuals with the Delta Dental Individual Plan. For more information on the Individual Plan, visit Individual Plans or call (888) 772-9895.


How do I find out which plan type I currently have?
For information about your benefit plan, log in to Consumer Toolkit or contact our Customer Service department at (800) 955-2030.


How do I get a new ID card?
You may print an ID card using our Consumer Toolkit or you may request an ID card via phone by calling (800) 955-2030.


My current dentist is not a provider. Will Delta Dental of Kentucky pay anything on my claim?
Delta Dental has an extensive list of participating providers. Visiting a participating provider may help to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. However if you choose to see a dentist who is not a participating provider with Delta Dental, you still may be eligible for partial reimbursement. Contact a Customer Service Representative for more information.


How do I submit a claim for reimbursement?
Claim forms are available through your supplier. Either you or your dentist may complete the form and attach a copy of your bill. Completed forms may be or submitted via mail to:

Delta Dental of Kentucky
P.O. Box 242810
Louisville, KY 40224-2810


I have never used my plan before, how does it work?
We welcome the opportunity to help you learn what your benefit options are as well as help you locate a participating provider in your area. You can register for Consumer Toolkit to learn more about your specific benefit plan. If you need help finding a dentist, visit our Dentist Search. You can also contact our Customer Service Department for further assistance at (800) 955-2030.


Does my plan cover braces?
Orthodontic coverage varies from plan to plan. Please sign in to Consumer Toolkit to view your benefits, or contact us to determine eligibility requirements.


What is my User ID number?
Your User ID number is usually your social security number. Some groups use randomly assigned alternate ID numbers instead of social security numbers. If your group uses alternate ID numbers, your number will be printed on your ID card. 


How does a current subscriber change the way he/she is enrolled?
To request changes to the way a subscriber is enrolled, an employee must first contact their employer’s Plan Administrator or Human Resources Department. Depending on the employer’s plan requirements, some changes may only be made during an open enrollment period. Some changes, called qualifying events, enable an employee to make changes prior to open enrollment if the change is requested within 31 days of the event. The birth of a child and the marriage or divorce of an enrolled subscriber are examples of a qualifying event.