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Oral Health Topics

CucumbersIncrease your oral health knowledge by browsing our oral health topics below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit for more oral health information.

From Drool to School—Baby the Baby Teeth

Your child's oral health is important and it's important to remember that as kids grow, their dental needs change.

Drool is Cool—Salivary Diagnostics

Learn how spit can save your life.

Sweet Science

Not all lollipops are bad for your teeth! A recent study found that sugar-free lollipops containing licorice root extract significantly reduced the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Oral Cancer Awareness

The new face of oral cancer is getting younger and younger and sadly, the fastest growing segment of newly diagnosed cases is non-smoking, young adults. Learn how to reduce your risk of getting this disease by making better lifestyle choices.

Dentists are Disease Detectives

Your dentist searches for clues that may point to other serious health issues. By seeing your dentist, you're not just ensuring a healthy mouth, but a healthy body.

The Connection: Oral Health and Overall Health

Stroke, heart disease and low birth weight can all be tied to gum disease—plus, more than 120 symptoms of non-dental diseases can be spotted by a dentist during a routine dental exam!

Play Hard, Protect Your Teeth

Wearing a mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk of injuries in young athletes.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

It’s important to seek care from a dentist as soon as possible if you break or knock-out a tooth or have tooth pain.

Fluoridated Water: Tap Into It

Community water fluoridation is a safe and cost-effective way to fight tooth decay and improve oral health.

Keeping Your Child’s Mouth Healthy

Taking care of your children’s oral health is key to their long-term general health.

The Dangers of Piercing Your Tongue

Piercings within the mouth are associated with a variety of risks including infection and dental damage.


Seniors—Keep on Smiling!

Get tips to help maintain a healthy smile as you grow older.

Rethink Your Drink, Choose Water

Three popular beverages can have an impact on your oral health.

The Dangers of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is normal once in awhile, but chronic dry mouth can lead to serious health problems.

Tobacco: Unfiltered Facts

Tobacco use in any form—cigarette, cigar, pipe and smokeless (spit) tobacco—increases the risk for a variety of oral health conditions.